Sharing is

The Franciscan Challenge

Be A Part of It!

Only together can we bring relief and hope to thousands suffering from hunger and homelessness. Help the Friars provide the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and medical to those in desperate need.

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Sharing is The Franciscan Challenge. Be A Part of It!

This summer, help our Friars fill our soup kitchens with meals and our shelves with food, clothing, diapers and formula by giving generously to the Franciscan Challenge. Our centers are at a major shortage for basic necessities that are of the utmost importance for survival. 100% of your gift goes to ministries providing services to the poor, assisting in the education of young Friars, and care for our elderly Friars who have cared for so many for so long. Please, help us with your generosity to bring healing and help to our world which desperately needs more Franciscan Hearts.


100% of your donation gives back.

We promise that 100% of your gift to The Franciscan Challenge goes to ministries providing services to the poor, assisting in the education of young Friars, and care for our elderly Friars who have cared for so many for so long.

Be A Part of It and help us help the 2 million people who come to us for help each year for the basic necessities of life we so often take for granted. These are children, women, and men who literally have nothing and no one – except the Franciscan Friars and you. 

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They will be the Franciscan presence in the future church as they continue the all-accepting, joyful spirit of St. Francis. As we see our church struggling with so many issues today we need educated young Friars who will be able to bring the gospel to a rapidly changing world. Your gift will help a young man hear God’s call to Franciscan fraternity and ministry.

Educate Young Friars

If you believe in the distinctiveness of the Franciscan spirit, help us insure our continued ministry by assisting us in educating the young men who are coming to us with Franciscan vocations.

We need your help to continue our work providing medical assistance, food, diapers, formula, drug counseling and shelter to over 2 million children, women and men on the East Coast of the USA each year. As St. Francis said, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible!

Care For The Poor

We need your help to continue our work with those who suffer from the obstacles of poverty, hunger, homelessness and mental illness. Our Friars serve over 2 million children, women and men each year.

Many of sick and elderly Friars have devoted their lives to building the parishes and ministries in which the Franciscan Friars are still very much present. We would not be in these places without the hard work of our older brother Friars. They cared for you by building up these wonderful ministries, and now they need us to care for them.

Care For Elderly Friars

In appreciation for what we have now, help us care for sick and elderly Friars have devoted their lives to building parishes and ministries. They cared for us, now we must care for them.


Thanks to you, The Franciscan Friars have kept their door open to safely serve
over two million people in crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year we provided:

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TAMPA, Florida

Hands of Hope

Our Mission is to serve in the name of Christ, the poor and needy within our parish and community area, with material aid, encouragement and spiritual support.

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New York, NY

St. Franciss Breadline

For the past 92 years, the Breadline has provided meals to over 200 men & women each morning. Every day, at 7 AM, a line forms down 31st street in
NYC  and each guest receives a meal.

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St. Francis House

The main objective of St. Francis House is to support the many needs of the low-income and disadvantaged families in the surrounding areas- all while sharing the spirit of St. Francis.


St. Mary's Food Pantry

We provide food to the local community of Pompton Lakes during four distribution sessions per month offering a variety of non-perishable food as well as frozen meat and dairy products. 

Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA

St. Francis Inn Ministries

We’ve been serving over 350 restaurant style meals each day to families, young children, the homeless and those struggling to find a place to rest since 1979. 

New York City, New YORK

Franciscan 360

Franciscan 360 offers programming that fosters creativity, offers practical skills, encourages spiritual exploration, and provides a holistic approach to service to the marginalized.

What is the work of the Franciscan Friars?

The core of our mission is to live out a Gospel life and serve all the people of God regardless of their faith, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or nationality.

What makes the Franciscan Friars different?​

The Franciscan Friars have always been thought of as “of the people and with the people.” Living in community is one of our core values and helps the Friars to be a little more down to earth. The Friars never see themselves as better than anyone and are not judge-mental and are very accepting of everyone.

Why do the Franciscan Friars need money?​

The Franciscan Friars do not beg for themselves but for others and most importantly for the poor and desperate they serve. However, there are times that need a stronger call and that is now. In the tradition of begging, we are asking for money for three very important causes: • one to educate our young men who desire to become Franciscan Friars • for our work with the 2 million poor and desperate men, women and children who come to us each year, a tradition we have been doing for over 800 years • and to take care of our sick and elderly Franciscan Friars who have helped so many for so long and now need care of themselves. We believe in actions over empty words. We believe in Love At Work. Help us to put this love into action – please give generously to the Franciscan Challenge!